ASHRAE Legionella standard

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Updated ASHRAE Legionella standard released

ANSI/ASHRAE 188-2018 outlines best practices for preventing growth and spread of Legionella in building water systems.

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Hamilton seeing increased legionella activity

The City of Hamilton’s Public Health Services reports there are increasing cases of Legionnaires’ disease, a type of pneumonia that is caused by legionella.

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ASHRAE seeks feedback to reduce Legionellosis in building systems

ASHRAE is seeking public comment on a new guideline to minimize the risk of Legionellosis found in building water systems.
ASHRAE Legionella standard

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Addressing Legionella risk in buildings

ASHRAE Standard 188, released in 2015, requires that buildings evaluate where Legionella growth may occur in all water and plumbing systems.
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ASHRAE standard 188 targets legionellosis risk

The new ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 188-2015, outlining legionellosis risk management procedures for building water systems, is the product of four rounds of public review since July 2010.
Bernard Siedlecki & Terry Runka

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New standard to prevent Legionnaires’ disease

This video report looks at the new standard (ASHRAE 188) to prevent Legionnaires' disease. Commentators: Pinchin Environmental's Bernard Siedlecki and Chem-Aqua Canada's Terry Runka.

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Reducing the risk of Legionella

Any water source in a building that can be aerosolized may be a Legionella risk, particularly where the water is dirty, remains still or is not exposed to a ...