winter curb appeal

Winter curb appeal for your building

Landscaping makes sense even in cold weather.
Wednesday, January 10, 2024

As winter weather dominates and many of our properties stay covered in snow, how can maintenance managers still deliver winter curb appeal? Impressions are important and when employees and visitors see signs that signify a lack of attention, it can hurt your business and your reputation.

Keeping your building looking its best through the winter will impress your guests, remind employees that you care, and up the safety factor on your property. Here are some of the ways you can use landscaping to improve the curb appeal for your building through the winter and keep your landscaping healthy all year long.

Tidy up

Cleaning up your gardens and trimming branches will make the appearance look neater as well as enhance plant health in the spring. If you’ve already planted evergreens and plants with berries can add some much-needed colour to drab winter whites. If not, it’s something to consider planting in the spring for next winter. Maintain the look of your plants throughout the season for aesthetics and to lessen your maintenance needs when the snow melts.

Take care

Taking care of your landscaping is the secret to keeping it healthy all year long. While you may be using salt to keep the snow and ice off your walkways, ensure that it stays away from landscaping because it can burn or damage your plants. Keeping people off of frozen grass is another way to ensure that it stays healthy year-round. Traffic on your frozen lawn can result in bare spots that look unattractive and that you will need to repair in the spring.

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Snow removal

Keeping your snow removal neat and tidy adds curb appeal, but it will also ensure that  your landscaping doesn’t drown during the spring thaw. Clearing our gutters and making sure that drainage is working properly as part of your winter maintenance plan will also keep your plants from becoming waterlogged and damaged.

Aesthetic additions

Along with your landscaping, consider factors like flattering, well-placed lighting, clean, clear signage, and decorative elements like bird feeders, additional moveable shrubbery or winter planters at entrances to add to your winter curb appeal and impress visitors and staff throughout the year.

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