roof care

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Taking roof care to new heights

With roof materials and replacement costs rising, the importance of maintaining a roof to prolong its service life cannot be understated.


A guide to finding the right roofing contractor

Low-slope roofing systems, on top of most residential towers, will typically require replacement following a service life of 20 to 30 years.
energy efficient

REMI Network

Alberta school district gets energy efficient overhaul

East Central Alberta Catholic Schools will be working with Johnson Controls on district-wide infrastructure upgrades.

Canadian Property Management

A New Approach to Roofing

RCACI is comprised of a trusted equity partners that own and operate roofing and building envelope construction companies across the country.
top up charitable efforts

Canadian Property Management

Ontario roofers top up charitable efforts

The foundation will provide roofing services for building projects to help stretch registered charities' capital budgets.
green roofs

REMI Network

Toronto installs most green roofs in 2016

Toronto installed the most green roofs in 2016, followed by Chicago, Washington D.C., and Seattle.
cool roofs

Canadian Property Management

Cool Roofs for a Hot Planet

Cool roofs have replaced traditional asphalt roofing, which was the norm for decades thanks to there being little concern for insulation and heat loss.

Building Strategies & Sustainability

Toronto a leader in green roof industry

Toronto’s leadership in the industry is due to the fact that green roofs are not only encouraged but mandatory.

Construction Business

Dual barrier roofs

Simply described, a dual barrier system is a protected membrane roof assembly that has a primary roof membrane that is the principal plane of air and water tightness but also incorporates a secondary layer that can function as the first water ...

Building Strategies & Sustainability

A task of Olympic proportions

Millennium Water is the largest green development project in British Columbia, covering nine city blocks in Southeast False Creek.

Construction Business

Raise the roof

A roof that lasts longer is usually more sustainable since less waste is generated through the removal of an additional roof.

Building Strategies & Sustainability

Horticultural practices for green roofs

When designing a green roof, three elements have to be optimized: drainage, growing media and plants.
Terence O'Connor & Jelle Vonk

Building Strategies & Sustainability

Green from the top-down

This video report looks at the different types of green roofs. Commentators: Firestone Building Products' Terence O'Connor and ZinCo Canada's Jelle Vonk.