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GRHC and RCABC offer new green roof training

GRHC and RCABC will develop and pilot three new training and certification programs to introduce more professionals to green roofs.

Building Strategies & Sustainability

Cladding absorbs pollution at Montreal facility

STM Stinson Transport Centre, the first bus depot in Canada to earn LEED Gold certification, boasts sustainable cladding that improves air quality.

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Green roof benefits for buildings

Green roof benefits include better air quality, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, improved storm water management and economic advantages.
North Toronto Collegiate Institute

Building Strategies & Sustainability

Systems to improve stormwater management

Buildings can use different systems to improve stormwater management, thereby lessening the burden on the municipal drainage system.

Building Strategies & Sustainability

Toronto a leader in green roof industry

Toronto’s leadership in the industry is due to the fact that green roofs are not only encouraged but mandatory.

Building Strategies & Sustainability

Horticultural practices for green roofs

When designing a green roof, three elements have to be optimized: drainage, growing media and plants.