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Insurtech products gain market in Hong Kong

REMI Network

Asia-Pacific provides climate for insurtech

Smart technology and climate volatility underpin emergent property insurance products and the growing demand for them in the Asia-Pacific region.
New tax credit could apply on eligible common area upgrades


New tax credit may apply on common area upgrades

The one-time tax credit applies on eligible capital improvements made in 2021 to safeguard seniors and enable mobility and independence within their current principal residence.
direct subsidies to help tenants and business owners cover fixed property expenses

Canadian Property Management

New subsidy tagged for fixed property expenses

Qualifying commercial tenants and businesses operating in owned premises will be eligible for direct subsidies of up to 65 per cent of their fixed property expenses through the new Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy.
FireSmart measures emphasis no-cost/low-cost maintenance and upgrades

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

FireSmart measures begin with maintenance

About 11 million people currently reside in Canada's wildland-urban interface areas, enjoying the benefits of proximity to forests and other natural features, but perhaps overlooking the perils.
condo tax


A condo tax refresher

Although condo corporations in Canada are non-profit, there are still tax implications and annual filings that are often overlooked.
Public transit wariness

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Public transit wariness makes the core edgy

Commuters’ willingness to jump on the bus, light-rail car or subway is expected to be a driving factor in repopulating office space in some major North American markets, including Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

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ASHRAE points prescriptive way on legionellosis

ASHRAE has produced supplemental guidance to help facilities managers and building operators with the practical steps of implementing legionellosis prevention measures.
COVID-19 outbreaks

Canadian Apartment Magazine

The keys to reopening multi-res operations

As Ontario prepares to reopen the economy, what will the upcoming months look like for multi-res operations? Legal expert Joe Hoffer shares important tips to help landlords manage the risks as they navigate their way into "new normal".
Fort McMurray flood water spills into downtown core

Canadian Property Management

Fort McMurray flood swamps 1,230 buildings

Approximately 13,000 evacuees have been instructed to abide by COVID-19 social distancing requirements.
Allied offers $600 million in debentures, in line with its green financing framework

REMI Network

Report helps FMs manage climate change effects

A new report helps facility managers to reduce the effects of climate change for the organizations they support.
Advice for hotels transitioning to COVID-19 related emergency housing or alternate care facilities

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Some hotels transitioning to COVID-19 frontlines

With many governments, health and social agencies procuring space for COVID-19 related treatment or quarantine quarters, hotel operators are advised to contractually account for risk before signing any agreements.
COVID-19's black swan prompts rollout of business continuity and recovery plans

Canadian Property Management

Black swan triggers business continuity plans

Commercial real estate operators are seeking advice across a wide spectrum of expertise as they deploy their crisis management, business continuity and recovery plans.
Prime Minister Trudeau pledges commercial rent assistance

Canadian Property Management

Commercial rent assistance pledged

The envisioned loan program for commercial property owners would enable them to provide small business tenants with rent discounts or forgiveness for the months of April, May and June.

Canadian Property Management

Flood response to rely more on independent action

COVID-19 health protocol is sure to complicate flood response and cleanup in commercial and multi-residential buildings in the coming months, particularly if evacuation is required.
REMI Network webinar explores journey back to business as usual

Canadian Property Management

Steering the journey back to business as usual

As property managers look to both industry associations and professional service providers for support to navigate COVID-19 upheaval, REMI Network is bringing the three groups together for webinar-based sharing of insight.
Real estate, legal and financial services providers are rallying to support the Canadian hotel industry

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Canadian hotel industry draws troubleshooters

Real estate, legal and financial services providers have come together to offer support and work their networks on the hotel sector's behalf during the COVID-19 crisis.
surety association

Canadian Property Management

Smart buildings harnessed for pandemic response

While climate change may have slipped somewhat from people’s consciousness and priorities right now, it’s noteworthy that the pandemic and climate crises are both problems of exponential growth against a limited capacity to cope.