Rain City Strategy

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Vancouver adopts new Rain City Strategy

Vancouver recently approved an ambitious green rainwater infrastructure initiative called the Rain City Strategy.
rainwater harvesting

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Rainwater harvesting bus wash system earns acclaim

A rainwater harvesting bus wash system that reduces the use of cleaning products and conserves drinking water in Guelph, Ontario, earned a national award.
HVAC manufacturers

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Report finds smart surface technologies could save U.S. city billions

A new report, Achieving Urban Resilience: Washington D.C., documents how D.C. could save $5 billion with smart surface strategies.

Building Strategies & Sustainability

Green infra’s impact on flooding underrated

More performance data on the benefits of green stormwater infrastructure in extreme weather events is needed as it may be more effective than thought.
water-taking permits

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Progress for Don River flood protection projects

Waterfront Toronto, along with multi-level government support, has announced a $5 million funding boost for work on the naturalization of the Don River.

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Alberta invests in municipal flood mitigation

Grants have been awarded to 21 projects in 16 municipalities across Alberta to support the development of long-term resilience to flood and drought events. The
WERS Built Green

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Canadians unaware of water systems: report

The majority of Canadians are unaware of the condition of water systems outside their own homes, according to the Royal Bank of Canada’s 2015 Canadian
water-taking permits

Building Strategies & Sustainability

Greywater and stormwater use in buildings

A large cistern installed near the main plumbing lab in Peterborough’s Kawartha Trades and Technology Centre at Fleming College is ready to harvest rainwater. This
How to protect property form water damage

Building Strategies & Sustainability

A nature-driven approach to SWM

Ian Smith of of Urban and Environmental Management explains Low Impact Development and how how it embraces water as a valuable resource.

Canadian Property Management

Re-evaluating stormwater run-off costs

Advocates for the commercial real estate industry are united in opposition to a suggested new formula for calculating Toronto’s stormwater service charges.