Citron Hygiene and BOMA Canada publish Pandemic Guide

Friday, February 9, 2018

Citron Hygiene and BOMA Canada launched the BOMA Canada Pandemic Guide for property owners and managers.

Following the SARS outbreak in Canada, BOMA Canada led industry visionaries in publishing the first pandemic guide. The latest version of the Pandemic Guide has been released with the most up-to-date knowledge of preparedness. From the annual flu season to unexpected outbreaks, building owners and managers can take steps to both prepare for and address pandemics.

Today, more than ever, building owners and managers need to be ready. The number of people entering properties is expanding, the population is aging and the world is globalizing. Together, these factors mean that pandemics can spread more quickly than in the past.

BOMA Canada notes that nothing can replace the need to get proper, expert medical advice, however, consulting the guide will assist its members in doing the right thing for their tenants, visitors and staff.

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