Five ways to make the most of your CMMS

Monitor the effectiveness of your computerized maintenance management system
Thursday, February 28, 2019
Barbara van der Walt

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) are an important business tool to help improve the effectiveness of maintenance departments and the quality of management decisions. But they do involve planning, upkeep, and updates in order to ensure that their benefits and potential are being fully utilized.

Although the initial implementation of your system is very important, it’s also important to monitor its effectiveness. You should consider what improvements can be made to your processes and take advantage of enhancements that are being made to the technology involved.

Here are some ways to make the most of your CMMS:

Fully utilize the system and its capabilities
It’s important to find a system that fits your needs and helps streamline your maintenance goals. But don’t ignore additional options that have been added for your benefit, even if they don’t meet your immediate needs.

Stay up to date with the current release
Software is constantly evolving to further aid the customer and keep up with technological advances.

These updates will improve your standard features, keep your data secure and allow further integration capabilities. Cloud-hosted software makes these updates even easier for you by running in the background without involving system downtime or software and hardware upgrades.

Include training for new employees
An organized onboarding system helps create a streamlined process and ensures that new employees are properly trained. The ease of use of a CMMS can help new hires to get up to speed in less time and with less staff and budget involved.

Encourage ongoing training
Employees should stay up to date with software changes as well as the effective use of the existing program.

Training documents and brief web-based, customized training sessions should be made available so that employees are staying engaged with the system.

Engage in user groups
Following blogs or user groups dedicated to CMMS can help answer common questions and bring to light options you might not have considered before. Eagle Technology’s “Ask Steve”  chatbot feature, for example, is another tool which allows users to type in questions and receive detailed answers and historical data related to your system.

Barbara van der Walt is the sales & marketing manager at Eagle Technology, Inc. For more information about CMMS contact 

The preceding article has been adapted and reprinted with permission from the Eagle Technology blog.

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