Tork launches online guide to identify performance improvement gaps

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Tork brand, made by Essity (formerly SCA), a global hygiene leader of professional hygiene products, has launched Get Detailed, an online platform that offers guidance for how workforce safety and hygiene can complement new technology and improve efficiency.

The Get Detailed platform addresses how organizations can improve maintenance and cleaning by using a customized approach to the 5S model, adapted to the specific needs of manufacturers. Following The 5S Cleaning model can help managers choose the cleaning and wiping products that can affect permanent improvements in practice.

The global manufacturing industry is constantly investing large sums, including a projected $178 billion in the Internet of Things (IoT), as means to improve operations, production asset management and maintenance, and field service. With such large programs underway it is easy to forget the smaller processes that impact businesses. While often seen as secondary tasks, maintenance and cleaning account for much of the work carried out on the shop floor. These daily cleaning tasks offer meaningful opportunities for the application of new technologies to improve overall efficiency and productivity.

Most managers know that when looking for ways to improve, they should begin by taking the perspective of their workforce, but according to a Mckinsey report, they often don’t. By not incorporating the people who do the work, efficiency tools like Lean become a management philosophy rather than a production reality.

“Many organizations spend most of their energy on methods and tools, whereas the potential of the individual worker many times is not fully realized,” said Dag Lotsander, owner of Lean Nordic and Get Detailed consultant.

“Research and experts stress that having the right tools and processes in place on the production floor is the most effective method to reduce accidents and boost productivity,” added Tom Bergin, marketing director for the North American Professional Hygiene business of Essity. “Tork works as a partner, helping customers get those details in place and introduce change in a way that makes improvements last.”

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