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B.C. building code increases energy efficiency

New construction in B.C. will now be cleaner and more energy efficient with the BC Building Code changes coming into effect.
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Research: construction cost analysis of MURBs

This research focuses on how to design and build NZER wood-framed, multi-unit residential buildings (MURBs) as cost-effectively as possible.
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Digging into the coming geothermal boom

While the relevance of geothermal has been percolating for years, the buzz is that more developers are starting to pay attention.
GRESB separates from GBCI and seeks B-Corp status

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VEC forecasts $3.3B demand for greener buildings

The Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC) has launched the Green Building Market Forecast. The report identifies a $3.3 billion market opportunity.

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B.C. releases CleanBC to achieve climate targets

The Government of British Columbia has released its CleanBC, developed as a pathway to achieve the province’s legislated climate targets.
Deep Retrofit Challenge

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Canada’s first ZEBx officially opens in Vancouver

The Zero Emissions Building Exchange (ZEBbx) Centre for Excellence in Vancouver officially opened in July. The centre is the first of its kind in Canada.

Design Quarterly

B.C. steps towards net zero

Net zero has long been used to describe the highest performing buildings – an objective in the building industry to reduce its environmental footprint.