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EllisDon commits to carbon emissions reduction

EllisDon is responding to the urgent call for climate change action. The company has committed to set carbon reduction targets.

Canadian Property Management

Earn carbon rebates: A step in the right direction

Matting isn’t typically the first place that facility management teams look when improving their environmental footprint. Nevertheless, technological advances in mat construction and cleaning techniques are prompting facility teams to partner with sustainable matting specialists that can help make a difference at the ground level.

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How to provide healthy environments & meet climate goals

Three key lessons for making buildings energy- and carbon-efficient and healthy.
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Canadian Facility Management & Design

The future of green building is retrofit

With the right market signals and incentives, Canada can create a retrofit economy now that would yield skilled jobs for the Canadian economy, operational savings from energy and carbon reduction and better, healthier buildings for Canadians.
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Digging into the coming geothermal boom

While the relevance of geothermal has been percolating for years, the buzz is that more developers are starting to pay attention.
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Design Quarterly

Getting serious about climate smart construction

Climate change and its associated effects may be a global challenge, but B.C. municipalities are taking action to reduce its impacts.
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Construction Business

Concrete industry targets carbon neutral future

Forty cement and concrete companies unveiled a joint industry ‘2050 Climate Ambition’ to deliver society with carbon neutral concrete by 2050.
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Moving towards building electrification

Interest in building electrification is growing with modern high-performance buildings moving towards all-electric mechanical systems.
Allied offers $600 million in debentures, in line with its green financing framework

Canadian Property Management

B.C. pilot project benchmarks carbon emissions

Four British Columbia Lower Mainland cities have launched a pilot project designed to help building owners and managers to benchmark carbon emissions.
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Canadian Apartment Magazine

Environmental Responsibility for Apartment Operators

Membership in the Certified Rental Building Program (CRBP) is an effective means of maintaining a high standard of quality when managing your building or working
commercial buildings stuck at GHG status quo

Canadian Property Management

Commercial buildings stuck at GHG status quo

Canadian commercial buildings registered the same 40-megatonne output of carbon dioxide equivalent in 2016 as in 2005.
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Vancouver adopts 100 per cent EV-ready policy

Vancouver is now one of the first cities in North America to adopt a 100 per cent EV-ready policy for all new multi-unit residential buildings.
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IREE certification for retrofits coming to Canada

CaGBC, GBCI and the Advanced Energy Centre are working together to bring the Investor Confidence Project and its IREE certification to Canada.
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New white paper on carbon management for retailers

The Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSM) released a white paper with a basic introduction on carbon management for retailers.
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Canadian Property Management

Industry sees promise in low-impact communities

Industry proponents of sustainability are looking beyond buildings and thinking on a larger scale with low-impact communities.

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Teknion recognized for climate change leadership

Teknion Corporation, a sustainable furniture design firm, has been named a leader in carbon emissions reduction in Canada. Teknion was recognized for the quality of