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Status quo rejected for Saskatchewan land fill

Saskatchewan currently ranks second among Canadian provinces for per capita disposal, equating to 842 kilograms of waste per resident every year, but the provincial government is aiming for a 30 per cent reduction from 2014 levels by 2030.

Canadian Property Management

End of era results released for BOMA BEST v2

Slightly more than 52 per cent of participating buildings achieved a score of a least 70 per cent for a silver or higher certification.

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Calgary bylaw change in effect for waste diversion

A bylaw amendment is now in effect requiring Calgary-based facilities to separate yard and food waste from the garbage to encourage diversion.
organics program

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Saskatoon ponders city-wide organics program

The City of Saskatoon is considering a city-wide organics program to divert food and yard waste from landfill.
waste diversion

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Multi-res superintendent finds success with waste diversion program

Education and easy access are two key factors that helped an Ottawa-based condo find success with its waste diversion program.