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Quebec City condo to allow Airbnb-style rentals

Monday, June 13, 2016

Condos LB9, a new $150-million condominium development to be located in Quebec City, is the first project in Canada with a condominium agreement that specifically allows units to be rented short-term.

The development, which features three 12-storey buildings, will be located near Quebec City’s Videotron Centre in Lebourgneuf. One building will be a 198-unit complex for owner-occupants or investors, while the second building will feature 250 units with a condominium agreement explicitly allowing legally compliant short-term rentals. The third building will also allow Airbnb-style rentals, but will be dedicated to retirees.

Condos LB9 will also feature businesses and services such as a deli, a café, restaurants with terraces, a convenience store, a salon, a pharmacy and a medical clinic. Other amenities include Wi-Fi-enabled spaces, an indoor pool and gym, a lounge, a greenhouse for residents to plant herbs, a terrace with a view of the city, an outdoor fire pit and a barbecue.

Groupe Bolduc brought consultants on board for this development, including Dany Papineau, founder of the airbnbsecrets.com training platform, which gives advice to homeowners on how to maximize the amount of money they can make through short-term rentals. Unit owners can take training on the site free of charge, as home sharing at this development will be completely legal, with each future owner paying all necessary taxes and complying with all laws in effect.

With the Airbnb-type clause in Condos LB9’s condominium agreement, homeowners can rent units for short periods, up to a few months each year. According to Papineau, the development was designed so that homeowners will be able to rent with support from specialized concierge and maintenance services in the development.

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