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Canada’s Rapid Housing Initiative exceeds goal

The federal government announced that over 10,000 new affordable housing units will be created through the Rapid Housing Initiative, exceeding the initial goal of 7,500 new units.
short-term rental

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Short-term rental in a volatile world     

One of many the industries impacted by COVID-19, the short-term rental market will likely see some recover in 2021, according to a new report from Beyond Pricing.
aging residential towers

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Investing in Canada’s aging residential towers

Aging residential towers are in dire need of investment, something the pandemic has underscored given the scores of frontline workers who’ve been disproportionately affected.
multi-suite residential

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Investor confidence in multi-suite remains high

Investor confidence in the multi-suite residential and industrial property sectors remained robust throughout 2020, according to Morguard's new economic outlook report.