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REMI Show 2021 sponsor: Property Answer

Property Answer is one of the platinum sponsors for the virtual 2021 Show, which will take place across four hours on June 16.
Friday, June 11, 2021

The annual REMI Show went virtual on June 16, 2021.

The REMI Show is the leading trade show and conference for building owners and property, facility, and operations managers. The event serves as a platform that provides creative ways for like-minded industry professionals to connect while delivering practical and timely information to Canadian real-estate professionals and their valued service providers.

After the postponement of the 2020 REMI Show, the industry reconvened virtually in June 2021 with so many things to talk about.

The virtual 2021 REMI Show was held within a four-hour window on June 16 and featured prominent presenters covering key topics based on today’s environment while also looking ahead as facilities begin re-opening.

One of the platinum sponsors of the 2021 show was Property Answer.

About Property Answer

Property Answer is the premier North American call answering service catering to:

  • Real estate agents
  • Property management firms
  • Construction businesses
  • Landlords
  • Leasing offices
  • Other B2B firms

A Division of Alliance, Property Answer has been answering for clients for over 70 years. With customization for your business, Property Answer offers dynamic call answering for large and small property management firms. The company understands that property management firms need to manage their expenses while providing superior customer experience to prospective and current tenants, partners, and contractors.

From the time Property Answer meets with you, it is all about understanding YOUR business: your corporate culture and personality, the dynamics that drive your revenue, and the issues you are seeking to resolve. Property Answer firmly believes that every business is unique, and no single solution can work for every business.

It is that personalized attention to detail that sets the tone for how the business works for you. When Property Answer represents you, it aims to make you feel as if your customers are cared for in the same way as if you were answering the phone yourself. In the end, Property Answer does not want you to think of it just as an expense, but instead see it as a key component of your overall business.

Sharron Lawson

Sharron Lawson

About Sharron Lawson 

Throughout her career, Sharron has worked with Fortune 100 companies around the globe, merging superior customer experience and technology to solve critical issues within organizations while ensuring overall profitability. She has championed and coached women in male-dominated fields and worked to ensure equality and equity throughout her career.

A dynamic leader, Sharron has led teams and organizations to become thought leaders in their industries and grow their client base through integrity, innovation, and diversifying their offerings.

Sharron has been a change agent within Property Answer, ensuring the organization scaled effectively without losing the personal customer care its clients expect.

Linda Murphy-Kreimes

Linda Murphy-Kreimes

About Linda Murphy-Kreimes

Linda has been with Property Answer and Alliance for over 25 years. By focusing on clients first, she is able to custom-build plans and solutions.

A true believer in relationship-building, she has been able to help businesses across real estate, property management, and the trades scale up and grow.

An advocate for superior service, she ensures all new and existing clients remain satisfied with Property Answer, and consistently exceeds client expectations of service standards.

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