Ukrainian urbanists incubate post-war recovery

Ukrainian urbanists incubate post-war recovery

A network of Ukrainian urban planners and designers is looking ahead to post-war recovery as the country endures an 11th month of destruction, displacement and uncertainty.
Measure success

Measure of Success

Measure Architecture has been making bold statements with its design sensibility since its inception in 2007.

The mass timber “wave” in North America

North America is experiencing a resurgence in the use of wood in construction with particular interest in building taller with mass timber.
9 block project safety

9 Block Project by students creates vibrant change

The 9 Block project is a series of safety initiatives to improve vibrancy and safety in the nine blocks around City Hall.

Recognizing the power of design amid COVID-19

Now that we are disconnected from the spaces that often inspire us at work, there is a stronger appreciation and longing for a well-designed workplace.
Bill Chomik

Responding to the coronavirus crisis

The COVID-19 crisis presents challenges for architects and AIBC has received feedback about how the profession should respond.
future cities coronavirus

How the coronavirus will impact future cities

The current COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way we live and work. Do these changes signal long-lasting impacts on design and architecture?

Mass timber buildings and acoustical challenges

Despite the many benefits to mass timber construction, they do present some unique acoustical challenges and required proper design.
wood design

Cutting edge wood lab is an engineering marvel

The Wood Innovation Research Laboratory in Prince George is the first ever industrial building in North America to be Passive House certified.

Wellness needs to begin at the building level

Technology continues to make everyone’s life much easier, but it’s also making everyone more sedentary.

Building capacity for care in Medicine Hat

A 245,000-square-foot expansion will help ensure the residents served by Medicine Hat Regional Hospital can access treatment close to home.
Bank of Canada

Bank of Canada HQ gets energy-saving revamp

An invisible second skin was a core component of the energy-saving, heritage-sensitive intervention at the Bank of Canada complex.
architecture school

New architecture school brings lessons to life

Students of Canada’s newest architecture school won’t have to venture far to see lessons from the classroom come to life. The latest addition to Laurentian
Clayton Community centre Surrey

Passive House poised for institutional uptake

Passive House, a voluntary standard for achieving extremely energy-efficient buildings, appears to be poised for wider uptake in institutional projects.
public-safety facility

Public-safety facility co-locates first responders

Cambie Fire Hall No. 3 and Richmond North Ambulance Station is the first in a major B.C. city to bring fire and ambulance services under one roof.
darcy jones

The emerging talent of architect D’Arcy Jones

Vancouver architect D'arcy Jones and his nine-person firm focus on thoughtful and well executed modern designs that are receiving award winning attention.
Albion Library

Albion Library first with trans-friendly signage

The new Albion Library, opened earlier this summer, is the first of Toronto’s 102 branches to introduce gender-neutral washrooms.