embodied carbon

Reducing embodied carbon in capital projects

Condo owners now have the opportunity to understand the embodied carbon impacts of capital replacements work at their buildings.

WELL evolves into residential communities

Minto Communities is the first developer in Canada to pilot the WELL for residential program, which sets out to create healthier homes.

Tailoring amenities to evolving demographics

The types of amenities that were once popular in condos have changed.

Actuaries garner new insight into condo finances

The Canadian Institute of Actuaries’ latest insight statement on the longevity of condo infrastructure explores several risks.

How technology can revolutionize the governance of shared-ownership properties

What if there was an easy way to improve participation in governance to achieve a higher standard, particularly on questions of significant importance?
capital projects

Freeing-up time for capital projects

Achieving a more symbiotic approach to property management requires understanding the crucial tie between leading-edge occupant services and proactive maintenance.

Governing condos in Alberta

Condos are ideally designed to operate with relative simplicity and in a well-managed complex there is a measure of security and community.
capital project

Unconventional ways condos can reduce capital project costs

Ongoing challenges to capital replacement project costs are wreaking havoc on already stressed reserve funds and causing anxiety for boards and property managers throughout the province.
bulk contracts

Bulk contracts post Rogers outage

Most bulk agreements have clauses that allow the incumbent to match or beat any new telco’s offer once the initial agreement has expired.

High-rises bringing health to new heights

Urbanites living in two up-and-coming condos won't have to escape their homes for fresh air and water.

Engaging next-gen condo managers

Over a million residents live in condos, and more buildings are being built today than ever before.
reserve fund

Condos at high risk from reserve fund shortfalls

The growing crop of condo owners across Canada will likely encounter huge annual fee increases and lump-sum payments due to low reserve fund contributions, authors of a new research report are warning.

Reducing talent shortages and employee churn

Many industries are experiencing shortages due to the pandemic. However, as we see the situation change to an endemic, the staff lost through layoffs and shutdowns may no longer be waiting in the wings. Now is the time to look at talent recruitment and the technology that can make the process easier.
social media

The delicate balance of social media in condos

How can social media be a safe venue for transparency, so that owners, residents, boards and management aren't afraid of the platform?

Snow and ice contractors brave insurance blizzard

Contractors working in the snow and ice management industry are facing a blizzard of challenges on the insurance side, or what many are calling a crisis.
labour shortages

Labour shortages, supply chain challenges endure

As policies continue to change and the labour shortages remain unsettled, managers must continue to ride the waves.

The fatal flaws behind the Surfside condo collapse

Building failures of this horrific scope are seldom seen in North America. But it is important to examine what happened so we can learn and prevent similar collapses in the future.