Condo Q&A

board meetings

Time-saving tips for better board meetings

How can boards run more efficient meetings? In the condominium world, meetings take place several times a year — often monthly, but sometimes more frequently
landscaping contracts

How to negotiate landscaping contracts

What should condominium corporations look for in landscaping contracts? Experience suggests the most successful relationships between condominium corporations and landscape contractors always involve two things:
condo director

Five things new condo directors need to know now

What do new condo directors need to know right away? Congratulations on getting elected to the condo board! Now the fun begins. For first-time directors,
condominium management

A certification for condominium management firms

What does it mean to be an ACMO 2000-certified condominium management company?
roof inspections

An overview of pre-winter roof inspections

Just like other parts of the building, the roof requires ongoing maintenance and preventative repairs. Studies have shown that a roof that has not been
condo market home sales

Housing affordability driving GTA condo market

What does the rise of detached home prices mean for the condo market? An expert explains how this trend is heating up competition in the high-rise segment.
parking garage maintenance

A roadmap for parking garage maintenance

Why doesn't parking garage maintenance occur as often as it should? These types of painting projects can be daunting — but they don’t have to be.

Five condo landscaping tips for limited spaces

Properties landlocked in the downtown core may have limited green space to work with. An expert offers condo landscaping tips for making the most of it.

A checklist for hiring a property manager

Hiring a property manager to run a community's day-to-day operations is a critical decision. Here's a checklist of considerations condo boards should make.

Evaluating carpet-cleaning equipment

With scores of manufacturers, machines and models, selecting carpet-cleaning equipment can be confusing. Debby Davis decodes key factors to consider.
Indoor Swimming Pool

Electrical safety tips for swimming pools

What are electrical safety tips for swimming pools, and how can problems be detected and avoided? Mark Marmer of Signature Electric explains.
Business Meeting

Internal financial controls for condos

What internal financial controls should a condo corporation have in place? Judy Sue and William Stratas explain.
Eric Laxton

Defining material changes in new condos

What constitutes material changes in new condos that would require disclosure from the developer? Eric Laxton of Chappell Partners LLP explains.
Business Meeting

Implementing condo operational controls

What condo operational controls should a corporation have in place? Judy Sue and William Stratas of Eagle Audit Advantage explain.
Robert Weinberg

Managing condo rule enforcement

How should a manager approach condo rule enforcement? Robert Weinberg of Percel Inc. offers his expert opinion.

Avoiding spikes in condo expenses

How can boards avoid spikes in planned condo expenses set out in reserve fund studies? Eric Plant of Brilliant Property Management explains.
Adam Artman

Leveraging online marketing tools to sell condos

How can developers and real estate agents leverage online marketing tools to drive sales? Adam Artman of UrbanForm offers his expert advice.