Condo Q&A


How to reduce window condensation

With modern low-e glass, more heat is kept inside, resulting in a lower outer pane temperature and greater risk of condensation on the external surface.
online mortgage

Navigating Canada’s online mortgage maze

Canada's online mortgage landscape can be rife with deceptive tactics and misleading promises.
fire safety

A condo resident’s role in the fire safety plan

For a high-rise fire safety plan to be effective in 2023, residents must be aware of their unique roles and responsibilities when it comes to preventing, preparing and responding to fire emergencies.

Overcoming budget challenges in today’s market

Here are a few major points of consideration when building a better budget.

Modernizing building security

Modern building management technology offers end-to-end solutions which make security simple and centralized.
power failure

Power failure tips for high-rise condo owners

A crane hit a high-voltage transmission line in Toronto in August and caused thousands of condo owners to lose power for a prolonged period of time. Here are some tips to ensure high-rises are ready for the next power failure.

Digging into land assemblies

Land assemblies are complex deals, involving the merger of several different titles.

How to secure appropriate property coverage

Planning in 2022 is more worrying than usual. With hard-to-secure coverage and limited policies available, many property owners and condo boards are stressed over the possibility of frequent and significant claims without adequate coverage in place for when the next catastrophe hits.

Cost-cutting tips for installing EV chargers

With higher gas prices and the federal government expanding its electric vehicle rebate program in April, it may not be difficult to justify an investment in an upgraded 200-amp service and a home charging station.
embodied carbon

Cutting carbon in condos

Existing building operations represent a significant portion of Canada’s national carbon footprint. How can boards impact their building’s performance?
special assessment

Avoiding a special assessment nightmare

A condo in Toronto recently made the news after levying a $14-million special assessment. Owners were given 15 days to pay for repairs. How can other corporations avoid this predicament?

Ensuring smoke control systems are working correctly

The first and most critical step is for corporations to determine whether they have a smoke control system maintenance and testing procedure document in place.
luxury condo design

What’s trending in luxury condo design?

A look at creating livable spaces and timeless interiors.
efficiency retrofits

What are the cost savings of efficiency retrofits?

One of the greatest contributors to skyrocketing maintenance fees is inefficient or outdated infrastructure in aging buildings—a preventable expenditure when properly managed.

Can outdoor pests be sustainably managed?

How can condo corporations avoid choices that will apply pest pressures to their properties when it comes to landscaping?

Condos feel the lows of high deductibles

How can condo corporations handle losses that are below their deductible?

Case shakes perceived permanency of grandparented smoking

One source of contention can arise between non-smokers and owners exempt from following no smoking rules, particularly if smoke travels where it’s not invited.