Condo Q&A

efficiency retrofits

What are the cost savings of efficiency retrofits?

One of the greatest contributors to skyrocketing maintenance fees is inefficient or outdated infrastructure in aging buildings—a preventable expenditure when properly managed.

Can outdoor pests be sustainably managed?

How can condo corporations avoid choices that will apply pest pressures to their properties when it comes to landscaping?

Condos feel the lows of high deductibles

How can condo corporations handle losses that are below their deductible?

Case shakes perceived permanency of grandparented smoking

One source of contention can arise between non-smokers and owners exempt from following no smoking rules, particularly if smoke travels where it’s not invited.
parking garage

How to upgrade parking garage safety

The colour scheme seen in parking garages that are up-to-code is the result of coordinating multiple bylaws; for example, municipal property standards, fire code, building code, and health and safety codes.

Soundproofing tips for condo flooring

Renovation agreements act as a preventative measure against owners and contractors looking to skimp on the acoustic membrane required to be installed under flooring.
pandemic response

Auditing a condo’s pandemic response

In the thick of a second wave, industry members are more aware of the foresight required of them, prompting recent questions about pandemic response.

Simple upgrades for winter resilience

What are some simple and cost-effective upgrades a condo corporation can implement to make their building more resilient in winter?
virtual meetings

How to run glitch-free virtual meetings?

Virtual meetings are one way condo corporations are balancing social distancing with the need to conduct ongoing business, but they aren't without technical glitches.

HVAC systems and COVID-19: Q&A

There's prevailing uncertainty over potential exposure to the virus through building ventilation systems. How concerned should condo communities be?
smart tech

Smart tech energy upgrades to HVAC systems

Smart tech can help segment the exact needs and usage patterns of varying buildings and deem how best to provide comfort to residents.
Flood preparedness

Why are insurance costs rising?

Insurance costs for condo corporations have been rising. Some face sharp increases in premiums and deductibles; others are unable to renew their insurance.
registration lien

Why have a standard unit bylaw?

Those who have not passed a standard unit bylaw are placing a heavy burden on the corporation’s insurance to repair an insurable loss.
employer obligations

Employer obligations to staff during COVID-19 crisis

The obligations that condominium corporations have as employers are one of many concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
electric vehicles

Accommodating electric vehicles in your condo building

How electric vehicles are changing the built environment and why property managers should care.
luxury condo prices

Q&A: Budget-friendly condo renovations

Knowing where to focus condo restoration efforts (and how to save money in the process) can help balance the desire to stay modern with the need to stay on budget.
Condo repairs

Comment: The cost of experts

There is an adage that says, "The only thing more expensive than a professional is an amateur," and nowhere is this truer than in a condominium setting.