Condo Q&A

employer obligations

Employer obligations to staff during COVID-19 crisis

The obligations that condominium corporations have as employers are one of many concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
electric vehicles

Accommodating electric vehicles in your condo building

How electric vehicles are changing the built environment and why property managers should care.
luxury condo prices

Q&A: Budget-friendly condo renovations

Knowing where to focus condo restoration efforts (and how to save money in the process) can help balance the desire to stay modern with the need to stay on budget.
Condo repairs

Comment: The cost of experts

There is an adage that says, "The only thing more expensive than a professional is an amateur," and nowhere is this truer than in a condominium setting.
electronic voting

How electronic voting works in condos

Now that electronic voting is allowed in Ontario condos, how exactly does it work?
Section 98

Can developers enter section 98 agreements?

The Condominium Act does not prohibit a developer from entering into a section 98 agreement with the condo while it still owns the units.

Can boards curb uses of exclusive parking spaces?

Can condo corporations enforce parking rules in spaces that are not owned by the unit owner, but of which they have exclusive use?

How to remediate previously hoarded units

What cleaning and repair work is required to remediate a previously hoarded unit? An extreme-cleaning expert answers.

Uncovering undetected leaks on condo properties

Water bills may not be getting the attention they deserve in condo corporations if the bills are simply paid without a look at where the charges come from.
winter mat

How to maintain purchased winter mats

Purchased mats tend to be ideally suited to the moist winter conditions, but they need to be properly cleaned and cared for. Here's how.
condo manager

Junior condo managers subject to supervision

What will supervision requirements under mandatory licensing mean for junior condo managers in Ontario?
board meetings Alate

Time-saving tips for better board meetings

How can boards run more efficient meetings? In the condominium world, meetings take place several times a year — often monthly, but sometimes more frequently
landscaping contracts

How to negotiate landscaping contracts

What should condominium corporations look for in landscaping contracts? Experience suggests the most successful relationships between condominium corporations and landscape contractors always involve two things:
condo director

Five things new condo directors need to know now

What do new condo directors need to know right away? Congratulations on getting elected to the condo board! Now the fun begins. For first-time directors,
condominium management

A certification for condominium management firms

What does it mean to be an ACMO 2000-certified condominium management company?
roof inspections

An overview of pre-winter roof inspections

Just like other parts of the building, the roof requires ongoing maintenance and preventative repairs. Studies have shown that a roof that has not been
constrained Toronto market

Housing affordability driving GTA condo market

What does the rise of detached home prices mean for the condo market? An expert explains how this trend is heating up competition in the high-rise segment.