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Pariah is not a professional engineer

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Engineers may be characteristically nonchalant about personal status, but their professional association has moved quickly to uphold the integrity of their job titles and the P.Eng. designation. A May 13 statement from Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) reiterates that a man recently gaining notoriety for vulgar and abusive public behaviour is not an engineer.

“Shawn Simoes, the employee reportedly fired, is not licensed by Professional  Engineers Ontario and, therefore, cannot legally be called an engineer,” the PEO release states.

Despite the generally lax approach across the labour force in applying the term “engineer” to various job functions, PEO is reminding employers and the general public that, in fact, only licensed professionals are entitled to that standing. Engineering practitioners must meet stringent skill and conduct criteria to attain the professional designation, P.Eng.

“Engineers are required to maintain the profession’s high standards of professional practice and ethics,” the PEO statement affirms. “PEO will investigate complaints against license holders accused of harassment. Where license holders are guilty of professional misconduct, they may be subject to a range of penalties up to and including suspension or revocation of their license to practise.”

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