ASHRAE points prescriptive way on legionellosis

Friday, May 29, 2020

ASHRAE has produced supplemental guidance to help facilities managers and building operators with the practical steps of implementing legionellosis prevention measures. The new companion to ASHRAE Standard 188, Legionellosis: Risk Management for Building Water Systems, has been released in sync with the reopening of a wide range of buildings with centralized water systems, often following shutdowns of several weeks.

“ASHRAE Standard 188 gives direction regarding what to do to control the spread of legionellosis, such as to follow a risk management process, but does not necessarily explain how to do it in a prescriptive way,” notes Paul Lindahl, chair of the ASHRAE committee responsible for writing the new guideline.

The guideline provides more detailed instructions of how the elements of that risk management process can be developed and applied in venues such as commercial, multifamily and industrial buildings, hotels, hospitals and other health care facilities, assisted living facilities, schools and universities. “This can be a particularly important aspect of plans to reopen buildings following the COVID-19 pandemic,” Lindahl says.

ASHRAE’s upcoming annual conference, occurring in virtual format this year, will include presentations on the new guideline and controlling legionella growth in water systems.

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