Bespoke carpeting: Your condo, your design 

Whether adding a splash of style or bolstering your condo’s brand, there are advantages to choosing a bespoke design for your building’s interior carpets. Thanks to modern materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, it’s easier (and, in some cases, more cost-effective) to see your specific vision laid out. 
HIVE Intercom

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Tapping in to Next-Gen Intercoms

It takes more than a static directory and buzzer to manage front door activity. That’s why many multi-residential managers and residents are seeking smarter and more secure ways of controlling building access.
Trace Engineering

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Gaining the HVAC maintenance edge

If you want to extend the life and improve the performance of your HVAC equipment, having the right specs to maintain it counts.

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New guide demystifies EV charging in MURBs

A new educational guide aims to demystify the complex process of installing EV charging stations in multi-unit residential buildings.
Advantage Pest Control

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Proactive Pest Management

April showers bring May flowers … and pests! For insights into pest control challenges and tips on how to swat them, we turned to Paolo Bossio, president and CEO of Advantage Pest Control.

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Toronto bolstering enforcement of residential mask bylaw

Since January 18, 2021, Toronto has received 1,950 complaints about improper mask usage in shared residential spaces.
average rents in Canada

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Construction Lending Q&A: Jeremy Wedgbury, First National

We spoke with Jeremy Wedgbury of First National to discuss current industry challenges of construction lending and potential financial solutions.
Vancouver Apartments

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Burnaby rentals tagged for demolition

According to a recent article in Business Vancouver, dozens of Burnaby, B.C., apartment buildings are being snapped up for demolition
Academic Assets

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Ditching student ghettos for luxury living

Canadian developers are learning that behind many young adults living in so-called 'student ghettos' are parents willing to pay for higher-end housing.