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One quarter of millennials bought a home during COVID

About 40 per cent have already racked up savings since the pandemic began, according to a new survey. The majority say remote work has made it more likely they will move further from employers.
Younger households express more concern about ability to pay accommodation costs than do other homeowners or renters


Accommodation costs unnerve younger households

Financial uncertainty related to COVID-19 appears to be weighing more heavily on younger households than other homeowners and renters.
U.S. fragrance industry asks for exemptions to COVID-19 related business shutdowns

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ACI releases National Cleaning Survey

ACI released its National Cleaning Survey, revealing that 76 per cent of American households will undertake spring cleaning this year.
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U.S. birth data hints looming multifamily exodus

U.S. housing analysts are drawing links between the rising age of first-time mothers and the country's vibrant multifamily apartment market in recent years.
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Where the in-crowd lives

From Ajax, Ontario, to New Westminster, B.C., a look at some of the latest trendy neighbourhoods that are attracting millennial renters across Canada.

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Survey finds generational differences in workplace preferences

Staples' Business Advantage 2016 Workplace Index survey found that workers in different age groups have various levels of motivation and unique office preferences.
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Canadian retail market trends spur opportunity

Food service expectations and millennial eating habits and increasing consumer savvy are just a few factors impacting all facets of the retail market.

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U.S. report underscores influence of millennials

A new report from Avison Young takes a closer look at millennials and their influence on all aspects of the U.S. economy. Entitled, "Millennials and Re-Urbanization of the City – Closer to the Core" the report emphasises the generation's effect on commercial real estate, amenities and location.


Gen Y in Quebec values home ownership: survey

The results of a survey on choices and buying and selling intentions in Quebec’s real estate market commissioned by the Fonds immobilier de solidarité FTQ,
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Engaging next generation property managers

Complex buildings will require sophisticated property managers who understand how to operate them; however, job awareness and skill development are needed.
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Millennials prioritize home ownership: CIBC poll

In a recent poll conducted by CIBC, 86 per cent of millennials (ages 18 to 34) stated that they found home ownership important, which is

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Expected growth for Canadian holiday retail sales

Holiday retail sales in Canada are projected to grow four per cent over last year, with Millennials driving spending and British Columbia leading the sales.
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Real estate value tied to human behaviour

While demographics are a way to predict some uncertainties that await an aging real estate industry, understanding human values is a more accurate compass.
First-time buyers are significant drivers of the current housing market, according to CAAMP's new spring report.

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First-time buyers big drivers of housing market

First-time buyers are significant drivers of the current housing market, according to CAAMP's new spring report.
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Over a third of millennials prefer city life: survey

A recent survey from TD Canada Trust (TD) found that millennials are more likely to choose an urban lifestyle while older generations tend to gravitate to small towns or rural settings. Across the board, each age group believed that suburbs were the ideal neighbourhood in which to raise a family, although Gen Y individuals indicated an interest in staying in the city if family-sized condo options were available and attainable.