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Condos low on list for boomers thinking of buying

A new survey from Royal LePage found that 35 per cent of this cohort is thinking of buying a home in the next few years.
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Canadian Apartment Magazine

Services and amenities for aging Canadians

Planning to build a retirement home? CMHC recommends developers consider the following key factors before investing in on-site services and amenities.

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Survey finds generational differences in workplace preferences

Staples' Business Advantage 2016 Workplace Index survey found that workers in different age groups have various levels of motivation and unique office preferences.

Canadian Apartment Magazine

New and emerging trends in seniors housing

Older Canadians represent an increasingly important segment of the Canadian population for developers, organizations and property managers that provide housing. Not only will the number of Canadians over the age of 55 continue to increase over the next several decades, but this group possesses characteristics that are more diverse than any previous generation of seniors.