New high for GTA condo construction

Condo construction in the Greater Toronto Area reached a new high in Q1 2019 as pre-sale launch activity dropped to a 10-year low and condo price growth began to slow.
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Urbanization turbocharging pesticide resistance

Canada’s growing cities are fueling pesticide resistance as rodents, bed bugs and cockroaches better adapt to human environments.
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Over a third of millennials prefer city life: survey

A recent survey from TD Canada Trust (TD) found that millennials are more likely to choose an urban lifestyle while older generations tend to gravitate to small towns or rural settings. Across the board, each age group believed that suburbs were the ideal neighbourhood in which to raise a family, although Gen Y individuals indicated an interest in staying in the city if family-sized condo options were available and attainable.
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Downtown T.O. urbanization trend tops off 2014

With its Q4 stats rounding out 2014, Cushman & Wakefield reaffirmed a flourishing urbanization trend in the downtown Toronto office market. The commercial real estate

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China’s construction industry skyrockets

China’s construction industry is expected to develop at a rapid pace over the next few years, according to a new Timetric study. Compared to other