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ASHRAE partners with CIBSE to encourage safe and sustainable environments

The agreement outlines how ASHRAE and CIBSE will work cooperatively to promote a more sustainable built environment through HVAC&R technology.
Canadians named ASHRAE outstanding achievers

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Canadians among ASHRAE outstanding achievers

This year’s select group of honourees for distinguished service, exceptional service and distinguished long-term membership was announced at the Society’s annual conference, which is unfolding in a four-day virtual format.

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

HRAI develops COVID-19 awareness training program

HRAI is developing a COVID-19 training program for residential applications with the potential to expand into small commercial and ICI sectors.

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HRAI survey reveals COVID-19 impacts on sector

A recent survey by HRAI found that most firms in the sector have experienced a drastic drop in business during the COVID-19 pandemic.
HVACR technicians adhere to Health Canada protocol

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HVACR technicians adhere to health protocol

A newly released message to consumers underscores the critical role the industry plays in the viability of indoor environments and in safeguarding food, medical supplies, data and other strategic services.
ASHRAE outstanding achievers

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ASHRAE outstanding achievers named

Individual honours conferred to four Canadian engineers include a rare appointment to the ASHRAE Hall of Fame for the late Richard Perry, P.Eng, of Vancouver.

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Design revealed for ASHRAE’s new HQ

ASHRAE will move to the new headquarters in October 2020.

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ASHRAE grant funds HVAC&R student research

ASHRAE has announced the recipients of its Graduate Student Grant-In-Aid Award Program, designed to encourage HVAC&R students to continue their education to help prepare themselves

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New recruits needed for aging HVACR workforce

A joint Canada-U.S. industry study of demand for HVAC and refrigeration technicians concludes both nations face a skills shortage as an aging workforce nears retirement.
ASHRAE engineering scholarships

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Canadian students win ASHRAE scholarships

Since 1988, ASHRAE has awarded U.S. $1.45 million in financial assistance to motivate students worldwide to pursue an engineering or technology career in the HVAC&R field.
Canadian research energy economy

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Canadian research papers win ASHRAE acclaim

Canadian researchers and distinguished ASHRAE members were recognized at the Society's recent annual conference.

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Canadian president urges ASHRAE connections

ASHRAE's 2015-16 president, David Underwood, has been a long-time leader and advisor on HVAC&R technical issues.

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HVACR invests $5-billion to improve refrigerants

The United States is advancing its efforts to reduce global warming with the recent announcement of a $5-billion investment in research and development funds from