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Montreal condo becomes 100 per cent EV-ready

Thursday, February 28, 2019

A condominium in the Montreal borough of Outremont is the first building of its kind to be ready to host electric vehicles at every interior and exterior parking stall. The building, originally built in 1913, was transformed into residences in 2013 and now houses 23 units and 26 parking stalls.

The project was made possible by the condo board deciding to implement a global charging solution for all available parking spots, rather than making them available on a case-by-case basis. The installation process was entirely managed by the condominium.

The mandate was to guarantee a minimum charging capacity of 240V/40A to each owner and avoid overloading the existing electrical system while remaining affordable and scalable.

“In a double majority vote, 97 per cent of condo owners voted in favour of the project,” said a condo board member, in a press release. “They understood that this common charging infrastructure would bring additional value to the property and give the building an edge.”

The cost of the EV charging solution, including installation, labour and materials, amounted to $3,000. Owners selected this option over a partial installation, which would cost $2,000. FLO chargers were also provided to condo owners that already owned an electric vehicle.

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