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Canada far from meeting accessibility goals

Federally-regulated organizations will need to prioritize specific actions that advance accessibility and disability inclusion by 2040.

Canadian Facility Management & Design

New standards for sustainable material use

A new set of standards defines minimum sustainability criteria for high-volume materials used in architecture and interior projects.

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Probing the impact of renos on dementia patients

The quality of life awaiting future residents within the country’s institutional-like care facilities is facing scrutiny as researchers closely examine how these spaces are being reimagined for the better.

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Hospitality program transforms office portfolio

Over the next three months, Canderel will begin rolling out a workplace hospitality program called Okkto across its buildings.


Tornado research uncovers risks for homeowners

Canada’s tornado risk is more widespread than once thought, according to a growing body of research that, for the first time, tracks the occurrence and aftermath facing property owners across the country.

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A supermarket becomes Meaford’s new library

The adaptive re-use project relocates Meaford Public Library from an inaccessible three-storey building to a one-storey facility.

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Inside Manulife’s latest workplace transformation

Overhauling Manulife’s Canadian head office in Waterloo transformed into an even more significant project than previously intended.
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Ontario condo managers grapple with price hikes

As multi-residential buildings grapple with rising construction costs, condo managers in Ontario are experiencing the impacts up close.


Construction costs rattle the condo industry

Construction cost increases are a significant concern if a condo needs to complete work in the next year or so. But the concern isn't just the here and now.

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Designing the shopping experience of the future

New theories on retail centre on how experiences, convenience and a sense of community can draw people to a physical site.
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In the event of a tornado

Important steps and precautions for residential property managers in the build-up and aftermath of a tornado.
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Condos at high risk from reserve fund shortfalls

The growing crop of condo owners across Canada will likely encounter huge annual fee increases and lump-sum payments due to low reserve fund contributions, authors of a new research report are warning.

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Indigenous-led projects raise bar for city-building

The architects and developers behind some of Canada’s new Indigenous-focused projects are designing spaces that harmonize with their natural landscapes, setting a higher standard for how urban buildings impact the environment and their surrounding communities.


Eight women changing Canada’s multi-residential market for the better

These eight women are just a few leaders with big ideas for creating an inclusive, climate-resilient future through multi-residential projects.
Deep Retrofit Challenge

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York Region piloting Passive House at new facility

A new men's emergency and transitional housing facility, set to rise in Aurora, Ontario, has opened the door to pilot-testing Passive House in York Region.

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Keeping your renovations pest-free

When planning and executing renovations, your pest management provider should be seen as a partner throughout the entire process.

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Inside the reboot of Hootsuite’s Vancouver HQ 

Brightly-coloured lounge furniture, in a peachy warm palette, curves around a stone fireplace in the living room of Hootsuite’s newly transformed Vancouver headquarters that was downsized during the pandemic.