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NAIOP report explores emerging construction tech

A recent report by the NAIOP Research Foundation explores emerging construction technologies and their implications.

Construction tech firm Katerra files for bankruptcy

Katerra has voluntarily filed for relief under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code in the United States Bankruptcy Court.
Community buildings targeted for retrofits

Community buildings targeted for retrofit funds

Two distinct, but complementary new federal programs promise funds for community buildings. Both are focused on meeting GHG reduction targets and are aligned with a pledge to invest $15 billion to address climate change and boost the green economy.
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Pomerleau creates innovation lab for construction

Pomerleau is partnering with Factry, a Canadian training centre specializing in developing creative skills, to form the Pomerleau aXLab.
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Canada construction industry to rebound in 2021

Construction across Canada is expected to rebound in 2021 in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and rise through the coming decade.
job site resouring

PCL introduces Job Site Resourcing

PCL Construction has introduced Job Site Resourcing, a mobile construction logistics management solution to manage and track resources.
Multifamily assets outperform the 2020 national average total return for the Canada Property Index

Multifamily assets surpass 2020 index average

Newly released 2020 investment results find industrial and multifamily assets on the positive side of the national average total return for 2,356 directly held standing assets, which registered -4.1 per cent.
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Vacant dwellings yield revenue gains for B.C.

Resident British Columbians own about 30 per cent of the properties subject to the speculation and vacancy tax, but account for just 6.6 per cent of collected revenue.
video security surveillance

2021 video surveillance and security trends

Eagle Eye Networks has identified the trends that will have the biggest impact on video surveillance, security in 2021.
property tax ratios lopsided against commercial ratepayers

Property tax ratios epitomize commercial burden

The commercial property tax rate is at least double the residential rate in eight of the 11 surveyed cities, with commercial ratepayers in Montreal, Toronto and Quebec City shouldering the most disproportionate shares.
procore productivity

Procore announces new productivity and info tools

Procore Technologies has announced Real-Time Construction Labor Productivity and Time and Material Tickets for specialty contractors
energy retrofits

Feds to invest $2 billion in energy retrofits

A promised $2 billion investment in large-scale building retrofits will be central to the Canadian government’s job creation ambitions. Energy efficiency champions have plenty of ideas of how and where the funds could be best leveraged.
Canadian developers navigate uncertainty

Canadian developers navigate uncertainty

The bulk of findings in the newly released Altus Group Global Property Development Trends Report are tied to opinions collected in early 2020 before COVID-19’s full hit landed in the world’s commercial real estate markets.
biomass power

WTO okay with provinces buying biomass power

The World Trade Organization agreed with Canada that the U.S. conflated wholesale and retail electricity rates to arrive at its supposition that B.C. and Quebec hydro utilities overpaid for biomass power.
COVID-19 brings fresh commercial office watchwords to the forefront

Commercial office watchwords attuned to COVID

Market analysts typify a second quarter uptick in downtown sublet activity as a spurt, not a glut. However, they project the trend is likely to continue.
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FPInnovations to develop biodegradable face masks

FPInnovations is receiving $1.3 million from the federal government to develop a biodegradable, sustainable filter for single-use face masks.

Hilti unveils wearable exoskeleton

Hilti North America has unveiled a wearable exoskeleton that will help the construction industry tackle health, safety and labour shortage challenges.