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Timbercreek launches investment microsite

Friday, November 18, 2016

Timbercreek Asset Management, a global asset manager specializing in real estate and other alternative asset classes, today announced it has introduced a new investment microsite, which provides educational information and valuable resources to financial professionals so they can better identify quality opportunities for their clients.

The interactive investment microsite is a dedicated space for advisors, providing easy access to the information they need to make informed decisions on the burgeoning real estate space. By visiting the site, advisors will have access to:

• Insightful whitepapers and manager commentaries about global real estate investing
• Timely articles and interviews
• Online brochures
• Information about Timbercreek’s global real estate investment solutions, including fact sheets, performance metrics and subscription documents
• Timbercreek support staff

The introduction of the investment microsite comes at a time when many are re-thinking the traditional asset allocation model and no longer relying on the standard mix of equity and fixed income to build their portfolios and meet their investment goals. Low yields from government bonds coupled with increasing volatility in equity markets has prompted many advisors to look for new vehicles, including alternative investments, to achieve the right mix for their clients. This includes real estate, which can offer a low-volatility buffer for portfolios while providing attractive income streams for a client’s portfolio.

“Investors have significantly increased exposure to real estate assets over the past few years and this trend shows no signs of slowing down,” says George Ganas, SVP Business Development and Client Services at Timbercreek Asset Management. “The launch of this site is just another example of Timbercreek’s ongoing commitment to providing financial professionals with the tools they need to position their clients for success. We are excited to make this available to them in one dedicated and dynamic space.”


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