Sobeys distribution centre awarded LEED Silver

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Sobeys Quebec’s automated distribution centre, located in Terrebonne, was recently awarded a LEED Silver certification rating.

“We have committed a number of years to improving the energy efficiency of our various buildings are we are lucky to be collaborating with grocers who take sustainable development to heart,” said Daniel Cote, vice president of distribution and logistics for Sobeys Quebec, in a press release. “We are extremely proud to have obtained this certification for our Terrebonne warehouse. This strengthens our network and allows us to truly impact our environment.”

The Terrebonne distribution centre is Quebec’s first automated distribution centre for a grocery retailer and Canada’s second, following the opening of a Sobeys’ distribution centre in Vaughan, Ont. in 2009.

The Terrebonne centre is seven storeys high and features a reclamation system for the waste heat produced by conveyor belt motors and other automated equipment; a “white” roof composed of recycled materials, reducing heat transfer, using less electricity and avoiding the heat island effect; the maximization of natural light and the use of LED lamps, several of which are motion-activated; and various water conservation and management features such as electronic faucets.

The Terrebonne distribution centre is the latest addition to the Sobeys family of green buildings. In 2007, the IGA supermarket in Saint-Pascal de Kamouraska became the first Canadian supermarket to become LEED-certified. Following that, three other IGA stores achieved certification, and a fourth store is currently involved in the certification process, according to Cote. In 2010, Sobeys Quebec’s distribution centre in Trois-Rivieres was already the first LEED-certified distribution centre when it was awarded LEED Gold certification, in addition to other distinctions.

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