Slow approval processes continue to hamper new development

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Current approval processes are hampering the development of safe and affordable housing in Ontario, according to a new research paper published by the Ontario Building Officials Association (OBOA).

Underscoring the need for better processes that simplify and streamline development approval, the new white paper estimates it takes about eight to ten years to complete the planning needed to issue building permits for new communities.

“We have the best building codes in the world, which is why Ontarians feel safe in the places they live, work and play,” says OBOA President, Matt Farrell. “We need to be cutting the red tape throughout the approvals processes to bring this housing to the market as quickly as possible.”

With recent commitments by both the federal and provincial governments to address the shortage of affordable housing, there is an increased need to streamline processes.

“Premier Ford announced $1-billion in funding for affordable housing last month, and the prime minister committed another $1.3-billion before that, but cumbersome processes are going to delay making that housing available to the people who so desperately need it,” he says. “We applaud this commitment to funding and are encouraged by current efforts to review the development process for efficiencies that can save government, businesses and residents, time and money,”

Building Officials are municipal employees who oversee all construction, including buildings, housing and structures, to ensure projects comply with Ontario’s complex and strict building code.

The OBOA supports Ontario Building Officials in ensuring a safer, more sustainable and accessible Ontario through training and certification, promoting uniform building code application, working with construction industry professionals, providing a voice to policymakers, and advancing the profession.

For more information about how Ontario’s Building Officials are working to increase safe and affordable housing across Ontario, download the OBOA white paper.

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