RFMP designation evolves with industry growth

Monday, May 2, 2016

The Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSM), a membership association for retail facilities and vendor professionals, has announced that the Retail Facility Maintenance Professional designation has evolved to become the Retail Facility Management Professional (RFMP) designation. This represents a mark of excellence and has grown to include the in-depth management knowledge required by professionals to manage multi-site retail facilities today.

The retail facilities management industry has grown and evolved significantly over the past 20 years. While at one time a retail facilities professional may have been solely responsible for the maintenance of stores, now they are often responsible for the complete physical management of hundreds of stores. Some of a facility management professional’s duties may include managing supplier relationships, energy management, work order management, sustainability programs, technology management and maintaining brand image.

“The facility management professional has evolved and been elevated since the designation was created in 2007,” said Patricia Dameron, executive director at PRSM Association, in a press release. “This change in the RFMP designation recognizes the increased responsibilities now managed by our members and enables them to truly distinguish themselves in the marketplace. Holding the designation represents an individual’s overall understanding of the profession and validates the full scope of knowledge FMs may require throughout their career.”

The transition from the old RFMP designation to the new version will commence this summer. Starting in September, there will be new requirements and processes for applying for the designation.

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