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Ontario is investing $474-mil in building new schools

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Ontario is investing $474-million to build 28 new schools, and expand and renovate 23 others, to support over 21,000 students across the province. This investment is part of a total of $2 billion in capital funding for school boards that has been provided since 2013 to support 127 new schools and 133 additions and renovations.

The investment will ensure students are learning in high-quality, modern facilities that are better suited to support their achievements and well-being.

Premier Kathleen Wynne made the announcement while at Courcelette Public School in Toronto, where funding will be put towards building an addition to accommodate an extra 138 students. In Toronto alone, four new, modern education facilities will be built, while Courcelette Public School and others will receive renovations to update aging infrastructure or accommodate extra students.

“Building modern schools across the province will have a positive impact on the learning experience and will make it easier for students to excel and reach their full potential,” said Premier Wynne, in a press release.

Overall, 51 schools in 36 communities will receive an investment in an effort to address demand in areas of high population growth and to replace schools that are in bad condition.

“High-quality schools are the heart of our local communities and the foundation of our publicly funded education system,” said Mitzie Hunter, Minister of Education. “We know that better buildings support better learning. The funding announced today is a strategic investment in student achievement and well-being, and in the long-term prosperity of our province.”

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