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Ontario initiatives improve access to child care

Friday, September 9, 2016

Ontario is investing more than $23 million in the construction of 35 new licensed child care rooms across the province to provide safe, high-quality licensed child care spaces for Ontario families.

In total, this investment will support the opening of 610 new child care rooms across Ontario over the next two years in areas where there is significant demand. It will also include 19 additional rooms to support child and family support programs.

“Our government is investing in families by supporting a modernized child care and early years system with more capacity to care for our youngest learners,” said Indira Naidoo-Harris, Associate Minister of Education (Early Years and Child Care), in a statement. “Adding 610 new child care spaces across Ontario is an investment in our children, and an important step toward improving access to high-quality, licensed child care for all families.”

In addition, Ontario’s ban on child care wait list fees also recently took effect, making it the first province to enforce such a change. The ban prevents licensed child care centres and home child care agencies from charging fees or requesting a deposit to join child care wait lists.

Together, these two initiatives will improve access to child care and make life easier for families in Ontario. These changes will also make it easier to transition from child care into full-day kindergarten in the same school, leading to an easier adjustment for children.

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