Ontario architects name new president

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) has selected a new president for its team. Toon Dreessen, a partner at Ottawa-based Farrow-Dreessen Architects Inc., brings experience in commercial, retail, office, industrial and institutional architecture to the role.

In his new position, Dreessen will be mainly responsible for increasing public awareness of the important role that architecture plays in sustainable cities, heritage preservation, community development and the daily lives of Ontarians.

“Ontario architects continue to produce a level of work that is recognized for its design excellence; intelligently designed buildings that contribute significantly to the development of healthy, vibrant and diverse communities,” says Dreessen. “From sustainability, to community development and heritage preservation, the scope of an architect’s role in society is wide-ranging.”

Dreessen will also participate in the promotion and regulation of architectural practices throughout Ontario by advocating with, and on behalf of, OAA members. He is tasked with the development and cultivation of relationships with existing OAA partners, prospective partners, the general public and future architects.


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