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IFMA announces strategic objectives for its future

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The global board of directors for the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) recently announced that the association’s president and CEO, Tony Keane, CAE, has stepped down from his role at the organization after nine years.

The global board of directors is responsible for hiring a replacement to head up the organization and guide it towards achieving four strategic objectives, which were developed following a lengthy process of stakeholder engagement. Meanwhile, Don Gilpin, IFMA’s chief operating officer, will manage the association’s daily operations.

IFMA’s four strategic goals are described in “aspirational statements” developed by IFMA members, partners, leaders and staff to outline their desired future for the organization. These four aspirational statements were presented at IFMA’s World Workplace Conference and Expo, which took place in Houston, Texas in October 2017.

They include:

  • Sharpening FM Skills – using an adaptive learning model to provide a personalized learning portfolio and using member expertise to direct educational content;
  • Exceptional Member Experience – providing an exceptional predictive experience for all stakeholders by leveraging personal and technological interactions;
  • Broadening and Globally Advancing the FM Profession – advancing a global understanding of the FM profession and its value and importance, while supporting consistent universal practice standards; and
  • The Evolution of the Global FM Profession and its Member Centric Association – positioning the association as the link between people and technology to enhance experience and equip FM professionals to anticipate and leverage change.

Since the presentation of these goals at the conference, IFMA leadership and staff have worked together to implement steps toward realizing the vision established within the statements. Through reorganization of staff assignments, engagement of membership and a focus on core organizational efforts, IFMA is poised to deliver the value promised by these strategic objectives.

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