Framery Q

Framery Q wins Innovation Award from IIDEXCanada

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Framery Q, a soundproof meeting pod that can accommodate up to four users, has won the Gold Innovation Award at IIDEXCanada. This award celebrates the industry’s leading design and interior architecture manufacturers, and recognizes exceptional achievements in new products designed for the built environment.

“Framery Q was appreciated for its outstanding new product design,” said Ian Chodikoff, director of marketing and programming at IIDEXCanada, in a press release. “It was a showstopper where attendees were quick to explore the product, testing out its effectiveness and sharing their moments inside the meeting pod on social media.”

Framery Q was launched in May 2016 to offer silence and privacy to workers in open-plan offices. These sound-insulated meeting pods come in four layout options and are ideal for calls, meetings, interviews and work that requires full concentration. Framery Q workspaces are used by several high-profile clients including Uber, Microsoft and Deloitte.

Framery O, the sister product of Framery Q, has won several design awards, including the IIDEX Gold Award 2015. Framery O is a one-person phone booth and served as the breakthrough product for Framery, the Finland-based start-up specializing in soundproof workspaces for open offices.

The Innovation Awards are organized by Interior Designers of Canada (IDC) and are presented at IIDEXCanada, the country’s largest expo and conference for the design, construction and management of the built environment.

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