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Copeman Healthcare Centre opens in downtown Vancouver

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Kirsten Reite Architecture (KRA) has announced the opening of the new Copeman Healthcare Centre, located on Hornby Street in downtown Vancouver, B.C.

The 20,000 square foot private medical clinic features a reception area and waiting room designed to facilitate patient and staff flow. Previously, the former centre consisted of several offices scattered across various floors. This new consolidated facility takes over from the previous arrangement and helps facilitate communication among staff.

The new design creates an efficient flow, starting with a central client corridor that promotes self-directed wayfinding to check-in desks and exam pods. The facility features natural daylighting and views in all collaborative and shared workspaces.

“Along with Copeman Healthcare’s new upscale location we also wanted to enhance the collaboration between our inter-disciplinary team – collaboration is something that is extremely important for our staff and clients,” said Sarah Lall, project manager, in a press release. “KRA understood this importance and worked with us to meet our clinical and client experience needs. Their experience and expertise helped us make our vision a beautifully designed reality. The new office fully supports our culture of teamwork and collaboration.”

Using an evidence-based approach, KRA worked with Copeman Healthcare practitioners and staff to design solutions promoting health and healing to improve quality of care, attract more patients, recruit and retain staff, and enhance efficiency and productivity.

The project features a wide range of state-of-the-art treatment and administrative spaces, including a physiotherapy and exercise medicine centre, a psychological health centre, a brain health centre and a stroke and brain injury rehabilitation facility. The centre was designed to create a comfortable, home-like atmosphere for patients using high-end furnishings, a calming colour palette and soft lighting.

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