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CN Tower unveils its most extensive renovation

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

On June 26, the 42nd anniversary of its opening, Toronto’s CN Tower unveiled a $16 million renovation that has transformed the iconic landmark’s 14,000-square-foot main observation level.

Designed to modernize and enhance the guest experience while making the tower more accessible for all visitors, the space has been revamped to provide guests with an open, modern look and feel. This renovation is the tower’s most significant since its opening in 1976.

A new Glass Floor has been installed directly above the original, providing viewers with a two-tier vertical view from 1,136 feet above the ground. New floor-to-ceiling glass “Window Walls” have been installed across three separate sections of the observation level, providing unobstructed panoramic views. These Window Walls allow children and people with mobility challenges to fully enjoy the views from the CN Tower.

“It’s essential that CN Tower’s renovation and upgrades tie into our commitment to accessibility,” said John McBain, president and CEO of Canada Lands Company, the owner and operator of the CN Tower. “The Window Walls and new Glass Floor take the visitor experience to the next level and ensure it remains thrilling and unique among the world’s greatest towers.”

Also new to the CN Tower are three food bistros, which offer guests the opportunity to sample Canadian food and beverages while taking in the views from the observation level. The updated observation level also features scalable space that can be customized to host events for up to 800 guests.

Along with the renovation of the main observation level, the CN Tower also launched a new, free Viewfinder App for mobile devices. The app features day and night 360 degree panoramic images of Toronto and surrounding areas. The app is available in five languages – English, French, Spanish, Korean and Mandarin – and is available for download at the App Store and Google Play.

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