Canadian apartment investment

Where will the multi-residential market surge next?
Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Aik Aliferis, co-founder and broker, Primecorp Commercial Realty Inc. discusses recent apartment market activity and what new opportunities exist within the Canadian multi-residential sector.

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  1. Good overall points and I agree with stability being the key motivator in the multi-residential asset class, as well as Canada’s real estate being undervalued globally. Would just add that net migration numbers are a key metric to watch in markets like the GTA, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. Many make assumptions about a consistent influx, but hard data is showing lower than forecast population growth. Depending on the demographic profile of a building/landlord for tenants, that can have a large impact. We’re also seeing many buyers start to ‘price in’ their anticipation for an interest rate increase into their underwriting of value. Looking forward to the national apartment conference to see what the industry’s thoughts are too.

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