Ignition risks of flammable refrigerants

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Ignition risks of flammable refrigerants probed

Refrigerant leaks could be particularly problematic in reach-in or walk-in coolers since flammable concentrations could build in these confined spaces and disperse outward when the door is opened.
High-GWP refrigerants

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High-GWP refrigerants losing market share

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has granted new regulatory flexibility to retrofit stationary air conditioners with a refrigerant that is slated to be phased out for other cooling, refrigeration and foam blowing purposes.

Canadian Property Management

Flammable refrigerants demand caution

Do-it-yourself refrigerant conversion kits threaten to blow inadequate Canadian safety regulations wide open. Literally.

Canadian Property Management

Contaminated refrigerant poses safety hazard

Canada's recycling rules offer a coincidental safeguard against counterfeit refrigerant, which is causing safety ...