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Bradley Corp

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Office workers now want touchless washroom fixtures: Bradley Corp

The Healthy Handwashing Survey found that touchless fixtures are the feature that would make workers feel most safe in the washroom.

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Reopening plans spark conversation about washroom hygiene

Businesses are looking to make hygienic upgrades to keep returning employees and visitors safe. But have they considered the washroom? 
restrooms spending

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

The expanded role of restrooms in spending and operations

Touchless fixtures and proper placement of trash receptacles are among upgrades to restrooms that can drive customer spending.

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Simple ways to improve washroom cleanliness

A few easy steps can encourage hand washing and a healthier, safer, and cleaner commercial washroom for staff and guests.
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Design Quarterly

Touchless technology in the kitchen

Hands-free technology has taken off in residential kitchens. Hands-free faucets (also known as touchless faucets, electronic faucets, or motion-sensing faucets) continue to evolve and gain