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Getting creative with rent collection

Landlords already have a lot to worry about, be it lease audits, back-office accounting, budgeting, and forecasting. As such, they need to find creative ways to keep finances strong while maintaining positive tenant relations.
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Ontario’s Fair Housing Plan aims to stabilize market

In an effort to make housing more affordable, Ontario is introducing a Fair Housing Plan to bring stability to the province’s real estate market.
How to invest for success in a hot rental market.

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How to Invest for Success in a Hot Rental Market

“The rise of permanent renters," has ignited a hot rental market for apartment buildings. However, investor demand far exceeds supply.

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B.C. landlord threatens eviction for dog owner

A Burnaby, B.C. landlord has issued letters to approximately 30 tenants at a 14th Ave. apartment building, demanding that they submit canine stool samples, says a recent article from CBC News. The dog owners, one or two of which are guilty of leaving dog excrement in the building’s stairwell on two separate occasions, could face eviction if they refuse to comply.

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Ontario landlords face fire code violation charges

Earlier this month, the Ontario Court of Justice found two St. Catharines landlords guilty of violating fire code at their apartment building on Maple Street. In reaction to the incident, the city of St. Catharines is warning other landlords to ensure their buildings comply with the Ontario Fire Code or they too will face hefty fines.

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Tenant-landlord dispute resolution services grow

As of March 1, residents of southern Alberta will have access to the Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service (RTDRS), a quasi-judicial tribunal created in 2006 to help landlords and tenants resolve disputes quickly and affordably.
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Online platform protects landlord, tenant rights

Launched in late October 2014, a new online platform seeks to ease the process of renting an apartment by protecting the rights of tenants and landlords and making rental information more accessible. Originally available exclusively in Waterloo, Ont., the map-based site, known as Apartmint, has recently expanded its services to Toronto and Windsor, Ont.