Spring cleaning your warehouse

Often, we focus on the interior of the building and the grounds when spring arrives, but does your warehouse need a little TLC? Changing seasons

Outsourcing commercial cleaning is on the rise

In the post-pandemic landscape, commercial cleaners are still in the spotlight, with more and more companies outsourcing their cleaning services. Experts expect the commercial cleaning

How cleaners are prioritizing profits in 2024

The commercial cleaning landscape continues to evolve, and cleaners are shifting their practices and their business models to boost profitability in 2024. Inflation continues to

Raising the bar on restroom cleanliness

Restroom cleanliness has been top of mind for the last few years, and as we continue to improve washroom tidiness, sanitation, and hygiene, what are
smart restroom

What’s on the horizon for smart restroom solutions?

Smart restroom technology is now well into its early adoption phase, and more and more facilities are leaning into the opportunity to leverage data to
commercial cleaning

Four habits to help grow your commercial cleaning business

At the height of the pandemic, having a clean building was the most important thought in every property owner’s mind. Today, priorities have shifted, and

Keeping your carpets clean

Winter weather can wreak havoc on the carpets in your building, causing damage, increasing labour, and posing a potential tripping hazard. Creating a plan to
customer review

Effective customer review management strategies to boost your business

Customer reviews are crucial and should not be underestimated in their power to boost your cleaning business and help get your name out there. In

Three prevailing value drivers of smart restroom technology

Smart technology is not only a common phrase within the facility management field; today it is virtually ubiquitous with optimized facility operations. Over the last

Looking ahead to 2024’s commercial cleaning trends

As the commercial cleaning industry continues to grow and evolve, what are experts predicting to emerge as the top trends next year? Technology, sustainability, and
independent distributors

How independent distributors can help with today’s challenges

These are challenging times for commercial cleaners, with lowered building occupancy, smaller budgets, and less labour, but independent distributors can prove to be valuable resources
social media

Social media and commercial cleaning

Commercial cleaners, like all businesses, need a strategy to spread the word to attract new clientele. Marketing is a crucial step in expanding your business,
healthy buildings

Healthy buildings improve productivity

The heightened focus on hygiene and sanitization in the last few years has shone a light on cleanliness as it relates to the safety of
autonomous equipment

Using autonomous cleaning equipment to attract younger talent

The cleaning industry continues to face high rates of employee turnover and an ongoing labour shortage. In fact, Canada’s cleaning industry saw an almost 145
smart buildings

How smart buildings affect commercial cleaners

With technology constantly improving building operations, how have these changes affected commercial cleaners and their work? Smart buildings use technology to gain valuable data, helping

Using textiles to improve wellness and lower maintenance

Facilities today face stricter cleaning and maintenance standards, as the general public continues to become more informed about climate health, sustainability, and the environment. This
smart toilets

Are smart toilets the way of the future?

As technology continues to evolve the commercial cleaning industry with innovation, where do smart toilets fit in? The smart toilet global market is predicted to