Green Cleaning

Green Seal

U.S. government announces PFAS-free purchasing requirement

The Biden-Harris Administration announced it is directing government contractors to buy only Green Seal- or Safer Choice-certified cleaning products and hand soaps for use in

Great expectations

With increased attention from Canadians towards green initiatives, organizations are looking to become more sustainable to appeal to consumers, investors, and employees alike. To do

How cleaners are prioritizing profits in 2024

The commercial cleaning landscape continues to evolve, and cleaners are shifting their practices and their business models to boost profitability in 2024. Inflation continues to

Looking ahead to 2024’s commercial cleaning trends

As the commercial cleaning industry continues to grow and evolve, what are experts predicting to emerge as the top trends next year? Technology, sustainability, and

Understanding green cleaning labels for safety

Sustainability continues to be a hot topic in the commercial cleaning world, with products making claims from biodegradable to organic to eco-friendly. However, it can
citric acid

Is citric acid a viable cleaning ingredient?

As we continue to evaluate our cleaning supplies and practices for sustainability, health and safety, efficacy, and more, some of the more common ingredients may

ESG and the commercial cleaning industry

More and more companies are looking for ways to increase their sustainability efforts, and commercial cleaners can help businesses reach their environmental, social, and governance
sustainable cleaning

Sustainable cleaning matters

Sustainable cleaning is on almost everyone’s minds as we continue to strive to lower our environmental impact. As we evolve from “green cleaning” to longer,
floor care

How to make your floor care greener

Sustainability is on everyone’s minds, and making your floor care more environmentally friendly is a great start for a sustainable maintenance strategy.  As the “green
smart glass

How smart glass can benefit your building

Many building operators are looking to lower their carbon footprint and go greener, and products like smart glass can help you get there. On average,
facility audits

Three types of facility audits

Even with a quality control program in place, facility audits are a smart move to address any ongoing issues and prevent surprise expenses for facility

Sustainability and the cleaning industry

For commercial cleaners, sustainability is the new green cleaning. Many facility managers remember when the professional cleaning industry first stopped using traditional cleaning solutions, products,

Commercial cleaning challenges in 2023

In the wake of the last few years, the commercial cleaning industry has changed and evolved, moving past a lot of the challenges we faced
green cleaning

Evolving from green cleaning to sustainability

In recent years, “green cleaning” has become important to businesses as a way to mitigate the cleaning industry’s negative effects on the environment. According to
cold and flu season

A sustainable approach to cold and flu season

Cold and flu season is well underway, and planning ahead will help keep guests and staff safe and healthy. Why not take a sustainable approach
commercial cleaning in 2023

A look at commercial cleaning in 2023

What can we expect in commercial cleaning in 2023? In the last few years, there have been so many changes in hygiene and sanitation, from
air purification

The importance of air purification

A sustainable and practical solution to indoor air pollution