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Build large condo units and families will come?

A real estate analyst takes aim at a 'fallacy' reflected in Toronto's downtown planning framework, which calls for large condo units.


Is condo living just a phase for GTHA millennials?

Condo living may just be a phase for millennials in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, new research out of Ryerson University suggests.
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What will make T.O. condo investors less bullish?

Does it still make sense to invest in condos after a study showed many condo investors renting out new units in the GTA are cash-flow negative?
Ben Myers


Ben Myers launches residential real estate advisory firm

Veteran real estate analyst Ben Myers has launched Bullpen Research & Consulting Inc., a boutique residential real estate advisory firm.
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2016: The year of kids in condos?

If Ben Myers’ big prediction for 2016 pans out, kids’ play spaces could become the hottest amenity in the condo market.
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GTA condo developers feeling bullish: report

Condo developers in the GTA are feeling bullish in the face of record completions and warnings of potential overbuilding, according to a new report.
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Housing bubble definition inconclusive: report

A new report from Fortress Real Developments (Fortress) revealed that two-thirds of market experts agree that a major housing correction is not in the cards for Canadians over the next five years. In fact, the report, which sourced data from a variety of professional resources, said that analysts could not agree when it came to defining a “housing bubble.”
Ben Myers & Janice Cracknell

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Healthy competition or bad for business?

This video report looks at the impact condo rental stock is having on the apartment market. Commentators: Urbanation's executive vice-president, Ben Myers, and Janice Cracknell, a partner at N. Barry Lyon Consultants Ltd.