hoarding as a medical condition

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WHO classifies hoarding as a medical condition

If more sufferers seek help, landlords could be among the beneficiaries of better awareness and kinder perceptions of hoarding.
Green Seal revises cleaning services standard


Service provider introduces hoarding cleanup

ServiceMaster of Canada, a firm that provides services for residential and commercial properties, is expanding its restoration services to include hoarding and extreme cleanup as
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Canadian Apartment Magazine

How to handle a hoarding tenant

What are the right steps to take when dealing with a hoarding tenant? Christopher Statham of Devry Smith Frank LLP explains.
Bob Doumani, Mary Boushel

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Clutter to crisis

This video report looks at how to handle hoarders. Commentators: Bob Doumani, a partner in the law firm of Aird & Berlis LLP, and Mary Boushel, manager of successful tenancies at Toronto Community Housing.