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Senate of Canada Building wins architecture award

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Diamond Schmitt Architects and KWC Architects are in the national spotlight for their collaborative work on Ottawa’s Senate of Canada Building.

This spring, the joint venture team earned a Copper in Architecture Award by the Copper Development Association (CDA) for their role in transforming the spacious waiting room of Ottawa’s Government Conference Centre (formerly the Union Train Station) into a stylish temporary home for the Senate of Canada.

The room was divided into two large committee meeting rooms for the Senate. Each were outfitted with a façade of insulated and perforated bronze panels to reflect the importance and prestige of the spaces.

“A new layer of material expression is introduced through explorations in bronze and other materials to contemporize iconic Canadian symbols and scenes,” said Martin Davidson, Principal, Diamond Schmitt Architects. “These bronze panels are mounted on sound-absorbing insulation to attenuate sound reverberation in the large hall, so they have acoustic properties as well.”

Additional bronze detailing was deployed selectively throughout the building. Highlights include a series of bronze door pulls at committee rooms and bundled bronze rods at the entry to the Senate chamber.

“Drawing on both historical and modern technologies, the wide range of explorations into craft and material fabrication resulted in new innovations and modern ways to elevate architectural expression,” the CDA noted.

Earlier this year, the Senate of Canada Building was honoured with an Ottawa Heritage Award. The landmark will host the Senate while major restoration work continues Parliament Hill’s Centre Block.

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