Two Quebec libraries to be relocated

Monday, December 10, 2018

The governments of Canada and Quebec each plan to invest over $112,000 to relocate the Sainte-Paule municipal library to the community centre in the region. The municipality will also match the investment to provide a total of nearly $340,000 in funding.

The federal and provincial governments are also investing over $54,000 each to relocate the municipal library in the Luceville sector of Sainte-Luce to a former church that has been converted into a community centre. The municipality will also invest over $54,000, for a total investment of nearly $165,000.

The funding of both these projects comes from the New Building Canada Fund, Provincial-Territorial Infrastructure Component—Small Communities Fund. Once completed, these relocations will improve the region’s cultural opportunities and make these cultural spaces more accessible to the public.

“In addition to upgrading the municipal building and relocating the library to a multimedia space, these investments will add a human dimension to our library,” said Pierre Dugré, Mayor of Sainte-Paule, in a press release. “ People from the municipality will be able to go to the library to discover, research, take part in activities, learn and make new connections over coffee or in the children’s reading corner.”

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