Pinewood Toronto Studios to expand facilities

Friday, February 26, 2016

Pinewood Toronto Studios plans to lease 1.75 acres of additional land from its landlord, the Toronto Port Lands Company, in order to build a new 135,000 square foot film and television support facility. The new facility will provide support space to Pinewood’s current 300,000 square foot purpose-built studio, located on Toronto’s waterfront. This expansion is part of Pinewood Toronto Studios’ plan to double its presence to 600,000 square feet.

“This impressive expansion is a great example of an effective cooperative partnership between Toronto’s public and private sectors,” said Councillor Michael Thompson, chair of Toronto’s Economic Development Committee. “The expansion at Pinewood Toronto will create well-paid jobs, generate a robust economic spill-over and increase the city’s revenue.”

Toronto Port Lands Company has already approved Pinewood’s concept plan, and they will work together to prepare the lands for development. The new building, a state-of-the-art purpose-built 135,000 square foot support facility, will include four flex/workshop spaces, production offices, structured parking and retail space.

Located on Toronto’s eastern waterfront, Pinewood currently sits on approximately 14 acres of land, with the option to expand to 30 acres. Pinewood’s expansion plans include upgrades and improvements to the studios, flexible spaces for media and innovation and complementary uses, including culture, green spaces, retail and hotel.

“Toronto Port Lands Company is pleased with this development initiative by Pinewood Toronto Studios that will reclaim previously underutilized brownfields to create usable employment space,” said Michael Kraljevic, president and CEO of Toronto Port Lands Company.

The company hopes the expansion will help strengthen the film, television and digital media community that has already been established in the region.

Pinewood Toronto Studios has already alerted the city of Toronto about its pending application for the permits needed to start building. Approvals are expected to arrive in 2016 with occupancy by film clients slated for 2018.

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